Jay Marciano has been the director of machine translation at Lionbridge Technologies since 2010. He serves on the board of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas. Prior to joining Lionbridge, he worked for SDL (2001-2010), where he was responsible for the development and refinement of natural language processing software. He has also worked as a product manager at Transparent Language, as a lecturer in the English Department at the University of Bonn, Germany, and as an editor at Houghton Mifflin on the staff of the American Heritage Dictionary.


Future Tense: Where will Artificial Intelligence and improving translation technologies take us in the next 10 years?

The confluence of improving translation technologies (better machine translation, smarter translation memory, cleverly automated workflows) and the quickly emerging world of Artificial Intelligence (including machine learning and Big Data analytics) are changing the industry and your day-to-day work. Where is it all leading? What will the translation industry look like as software developers and LSPs continue to refine their tools? How will these technologies change the day-to-day work of translators? This presentation will make informed predictions about what the future of these technologies will hold for professional translators and the translation industry over the next decade and beyond.

TIME: 2:00